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When a Programmer wants cake…

Okay, so I want cake…  Sounds simple enough, unless you’re a Programmer and you’re me!  Okay, so what kind of cake…

                                       Chocolate Cake
Devil’s Food Cake
Red Velvet Cake
White Cake
Yellow Cake
Angel Food Cake
Butter Cake
Coffee Cake
Oh, maybe a simple Pound Cake…

I think I’ll have a good, old fashioned yellow cake AND I think I have a Yellow Cake Mix avoiding the dreaded trip to the supermarket which is another story.  I’ll need eggs…  I wonder, it just says eggs.  I have large eggs BUT maybe I should get medium eggs… does it matter?  Well, I have eggs, water (hmmm, what’s with the water and not milk?) and butter or margarine, a choice?  Are you kidding?  I could debate the pros and cons of butter vs. margarine till next year!  I’ll just go with butter, I want the cake today.

Hmmm, the picture shows icing!  What good is cake without icing?  I think I want cream cheese icing, I happen to love that icing.  Oh, now I have to change the cake to chocolate… cream cheese icing on yellow cake not working for me.  Settled, finally, Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Icing or maybe I should consider Carrot Cake.  Wait, Carrot Cake not even on the list so Chocolate Cake it is.  Of course, no Chocolate Cake Mix so now this requires a trip to the supermarket.  Opening my Grocery List database to add Chocolate Cake Mix to my growing list which means a trip to the supermarket.

You know what… this has turned into work and all I want is some cake!  Hmmm, I have a better idea, I’ll  go next door to my neighbor and ask him *nicely* to bake me a cake.  He loves to bake cakes (and I’m just saying that)!  And they are not just any cakes… they are cakes that look to good to eat!  (You’ve probably already scrolled down to see the pictures!)  Just in case you wondering…  right now he only bakes for friends and neighbors which is bound to change in the future!   But for now, being a neighbor, I can have my cake and eat it too!

Sneakers… The Birthday Girl who wears sneaker 99% of the time, with pairs in every imaginable color.  She was so in love with this cake, I’m not sure it was actually eaten!


Wedding cakes


Dragon – What kid wouldn’t like this cake!


A Birthday cake


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