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eMailing specific Reports to specific Recipients…

Question: Can anyone tell me how to eMail a report with content based data based on the individual?

Answer: Create a Module, name it anything you like except the name of the Function.

At the top of your Module under…

Option Compare Database Option Explicit


Public olApp As Object Public olNameSpace As Object Public […]

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Export a Parameter Query to Excel…

It’s always tricky when you want export filtered data to Excel. You will get an error message if you put try to put the Forms Control in the Criteria section of the Query. Why? Because Access insists on having the value before it can execute the export and not from the Form but directly in […]

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Adding *continued…* to a Multicolumn Report…

After seeing a post in a Forum asking about how to add the word *continued…* to a Multicolumn Report I thought it would be fun to create a sample database showing off the feature, to download click here (Access 2007 or above needed and an unzipping program. Images are not included!). And, of course, like […]

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Don’t Open Report if No Data…

You don’t want your Users to open a Report that has nothing to show them, better to give them a message instead. On the Reports NoData event you can use…

Private Sub Report_NoData(Cancel As Integer)

On Error GoTo Report_NoData_Error MsgBox "No data to Display", vbOKOnly, "Report" Cancel = True Report_NoData_Exit: Exit Sub Report_NoData_Error: If Err.Number […]

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