Access MVP (2010-2015)


Where’s the Cursor?

When tabbing between Controls on Forms and they contain text all the data within the Control is selected. This can be problematic as Users may inadvertently overwrite what is already there and not even realize it as they begin typing. To avoid that you can force the Cursor to land at the beginning or the […]

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List Tables and Fields…

When I’m designing a database I usually start off with one of my Templates. But, as with any Template, the Tables therein do not always fit exactly with the Client’s needs. And, since I like to document changes I built this tool…

In a nutshell… After the Template database is created I import the […]

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Conditional Image on a Continuous Form (Reminders)…

Since Microsoft Access 2007 getting a different Image to show up for each record is pretty easy, you just need to bind the Image Control to the field that holds the path to the image and you are done. However, I wanted a conditional image on my Continuous Form based on whether there was a […]

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Tools, Utilities and more…

Recently, I watched Free Tools for Microsoft Access recorded by Crystal Long and Adrian Bell (Microsoft Access MVP’s) on Channel 9. Upon looking at comments below it dawned on me there is no central location for all those great free tools! How is anyone to find them? After all, you may not know they […]

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Export a Parameter Query to Excel…

It’s always tricky when you want export filtered data to Excel. You will get an error message if you put try to put the Forms Control in the Criteria section of the Query. Why? Because Access insists on having the value before it can execute the export and not from the Form but directly in […]

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