Access MVP (2010-2015)


Move Selections Up/Down in a List Box…

Moving selections up and down a List Box, sounds simple right? Well, not so much… unless your name is Dale Fry. I wanted a way for Users to be able to reorder items in a List Box, i.e. tasks, to do lists, activities and documents. With this you can move items up or down on […]

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Delete a line from exported .RTF document…

Recently, I exported an Access Report to Word (.RTF). Nope, did not use Albert’s Super Easy Word Merge because the nature of the report with its many Subreports and Sub-Subreports did not lend itself to a mail merge. Only after I exported it I needed to first copy it in its entirety to another document […]

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Exporting clickable Hyperlinks…

Generally, I store the path to my file and the name of the File in two separate fields. I do this because if there is a likelihood that the database will be upsized to SQL Server the Hyperlink data type in Access is not supported and I’d have to do it anyway. Not a big […]

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