Access MVP (2010-2015)


Highlight Current Record…

Highlighting the current record is an often asked question. You could use Conditional Formatting but then you have to do it for each Control in the Detail section of your Form. I prefer this way…

Step 1

Make sure all visible controls have been set for a Transparent background

Step 2

Put an invisible Control […]

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Conditional Row Shading on a Continuous Form

Row Shading has come a long way since Access 2003 where you had to use code to get it to happen. Remember this…

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

If bluebar Then Detail.BackColor = 16777215 Else Detail.BackColor = 13888992 End If

bluebar = Not (bluebar)

End Sub

Then came Access 2007 and we […]

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