Access MVP (2010-2015)


Conditional Image on a Continuous Form (Reminders)…

Since Microsoft Access 2007 getting a different Image to show up for each record is pretty easy, you just need to bind the Image Control to the field that holds the path to the image and you are done. However, I wanted a conditional image on my Continuous Form based on whether there was a […]

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Call Me…

Calling an Event Procedure from one Form to another…

Every once in a while I need to use the same code I have in the Event Procedure of a one Control in another Forms Event Procedure, whether it be the On_Click event of a Command Button or the After_Update of a Combo Box. 99% of […]

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Filtering Forms…

Here are three ways to filter records on a Single Form or a Continuous Form. (In these examples no Subforms were used.)

Example 1 To toggle back and forth between (Yes/No Data Type) All and Completed (Tasks, Projects, Orders, etc.)…

Step 1

In the Header of you Form place an UNBOUND Check Box and name […]

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Conditional Row Shading on a Continuous Form

Row Shading has come a long way since Access 2003 where you had to use code to get it to happen. Remember this…

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

If bluebar Then Detail.BackColor = 16777215 Else Detail.BackColor = 13888992 End If

bluebar = Not (bluebar)

End Sub

Then came Access 2007 and we […]

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Combo Box to Find Records…

You want your Users to be able to look up and/or add new activities for existing Companies but they may not know or remember the Company Name but they do remember the person they speak to on a daily basis. Well, you don’t want to add a separate Combo Box for Company Name, First Name, […]

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