Access MVP (2010-2015)


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Calling an Event Procedure from one Form to another…

Every once in a while I need to use the same code I have in the Event Procedure of a one Control in another Forms Event Procedure, whether it be the On_Click event of a Command Button or the After_Update of a Combo Box. 99% of […]

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Filtering Forms…

Here are three ways to filter records on a Single Form or a Continuous Form. (In these examples no Subforms were used.)

Example 1 To toggle back and forth between (Yes/No Data Type) All and Completed (Tasks, Projects, Orders, etc.)…

Step 1

In the Header of you Form place an UNBOUND Check Box and name […]

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Conditional Row Shading on a Continuous Form

Row Shading has come a long way since Access 2003 where you had to use code to get it to happen. Remember this…

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

If bluebar Then Detail.BackColor = 16777215 Else Detail.BackColor = 13888992 End If

bluebar = Not (bluebar)

End Sub

Then came Access 2007 and we […]

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Combo Box to Find Records…

You want your Users to be able to look up and/or add new activities for existing Companies but they may not know or remember the Company Name but they do remember the person they speak to on a daily basis. Well, you don’t want to add a separate Combo Box for Company Name, First Name, […]

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