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Custom Record Count…

There are times you want to display a Record Count on your Form.  Or, maybe, you want to use your own Navigation Buttons but how to get the Record Count to display?  Here are two options…


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is the name of the unbound TEXT field between the Navigation Buttonscard(s) is what they are.  You can change that to *ticket(s)*, *paper(s)* or whatever it is you are counting.  In the Form’s On_Current event place…



Private Sub Form_Current()

On Error Resume Next

If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then
   Me.txtPage = ""
   With Me.RecordsetClone
   Me.txtPage = Me.CurrentRecord & " of " & .RecordCount & " card(s)
   End With
End If

End Sub



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Create a unbound TEXT box on your form, mine is txtRecordNos, and copy everything after txtRecordNos into the Control Source for the TEXT box (Figure 1)…

txtRecordNos = IIf([CurrentRecord]>(Count(*)),'New Record',(‘Contract ' & [CurrentRecord] & ' of ' & Count(*)))
Figure 1

Figure 1

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