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Windows 10 my 2 cents worth…

I have been *playing* with Windows 10 for about a month and half now. Since then I have removed the ability to upgrade any other machine to Windows 10. Says a lot right? However, my reasons for not wanting to upgrade the other machines is not because there was any problem with the in-place upgrade, […]

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Microsoft opens a User Voice site for Access

Yep, you read that right… Microsoft has opened up a UserVoice site where YOU can suggest features or improvements you’d like to see in Microsoft Access Desktop and Web Apps, as well as, vote on suggestions made by others. This is a great opportunity for YOU to pass on your ideas directly to the […]

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Happy New Years to me…

Once again, I’ve had the honour of being re-awarded the MVP Award for Access by Microsoft! Yippee and thank you!

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Confirm record count after Excel import…

When importing records from Excel here’s a way you can let the User know they all made it.

Step 1… In your Import code include the UpdateUser() line…

Function ImportMySpreadsheet() Dim lngColumn As Long Dim xlx As Object Dim xlw As Object, xls As Object, xlc As Object Dim dbs As DAO.Database Dim rst As […]

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…to my Coffee Shop! And, is typical of Coffee Shops this is where I will ramble on about anything from Microsoft® Access to Zilch.

I am a Consultant specializing in Microsoft® Access solutions; however, there are plenty of blogs and websites (mine included) dedicated to Access… just take a look to the left […]

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